The Pet Stylist Resource Guide



Paperback, 5.5″ x 8.5″, 36 pages.

Paired with the notepad of the Observation and Reflection forms

The Pet Stylist Resource Guide enhances learning by providing standardized terminology and structure to facilitate students’ understanding. It emphasizes the crucial role of completing the observations and reflection form for every dog groomed, a practice essential for every grooming session, regardless of your experience level. This process aids in improving client consultation skills, adhering to best practices, mastering standardized terminology, and selecting the appropriate tools for each grooming task. Ultimately, The Pet Stylist Resource Guide aims to equip dog groomers for a prosperous career in the grooming industry. Whether you’re refining your expertise or embarking on a new journey, this guide is your steadfast companion.

Author: Sierra Elbert
Artist and Illustrator: Shelby Mitchell and Kira Mann

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