Student Ahead of the Pack – Positive Growth Mindset and Workforce Ready Durable Skills 2nd Edition

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Spiral bound, 8.5″ x 11″.

Ahead of the Pack: Positive Growth Mindset and Workforce Ready Durable Skills, written to enhance the trade of professional dog grooming, understands the power of a positive growth mindset and being workforce-ready. This workbook, specifically tailored for the pet industry, covers grooming theory and durable skills like communication, teamwork, and emotional intelligence. It contains practical advice, best practices, and techniques for grooming dogs with a proactive approach to groomer and pet safety and sanitation procedures. All learning objectives and activities follow the American Kennel Club education standards. Whether an experienced or a beginner groomer, this essential workbook offers valuable insights on handling difficult situations, creating strong relationships, and maintaining a positive attitude.

Author: Patricia A. Pierce

Artist and Illustrators: Shelby Mitchell and Kira Mann

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