Groom-O-Grams (Winter)



This 8.5” x 11” four-page newsletter contains grooming and health information, stories, and cartoons that present a professional image to your community. Give them at each appointment. Groom-O-Grams encourage better home care and more frequent appointments. Use it as a reminder card! Many groomers report a fantastic 50–100% response. GroomOgrams are a fantastic promotional tool! Your grooming clients will give it to their friends. Leave them anywhere there are pet owners—humane societies, veterinarians, kennels, pet shops, and breeders. GroomOgrams will keep your clients coming back while teaching them proper “between grooming” care. Over 10 million Groom-O-Grams have been distributed by caring groomers like yourself. Seasonal issues are available after February 10 (Spring), May 10 (Summer), August 10 (Fall) and November 10 (Winter). Each issue deals with the seasonal grooming needs of pets.

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Weight 9.6 oz

25 Groom-O-Grams, 50 Groom-O-Grams, 100 Groom-O-Grams, 200 Groom-O-Grams, 300 Groom-O-Grams, 400 Groom-O-Grams, 500 Groom-O-Grams, 1000 Groom-O-Grams, 2500 Groom-O-Grams